Our Mission

We design and produce our footwear and bags with intention, our customers should wear beautiful products with unique pleasure and the knowledge that their purchase has been skillfully crafted by artisans who possess aesthetic sensibility and expert knowledge. We sell direct to consumer enabling us to bring you exceptional value.



Our Brand

Launching in 2016, Chelsey Comfort’s collection is hand crafted in Tuscany, Italy and designed in Los Angeles. Born in Las Vegas and raised in Los Angeles and New York, Chelsey Comfort is the Creative Director. Chelsey studied Fine Arts at UVA, trained at Saint Martins in London and has a Masters in Footwear and Accessory design from Polimoda in Florence. Chelsey combines her passion for modern design, with the impeccable tradition of Italian luxury craftsmanship to create a range of products that are fashionable , comfortable and perfect for the busy lifestyle of today’s modern woman.
Chelsey Comfort showcases her collection in Milan and Paris and has offices in Los Angeles. Her vision is to produce great quality fashionable accessories meant to be worn on any adventure.

Our Promise

Quality control is an important part of our process in every part of the production cycle, guaranteeing our products are beautiful, perfectly constructed and comfortable. Craftsmanship combined with technology is at the core of our process for all our accessories . Advanced technologies are utilized to ensure quality production while sustaining the upmost respect for mother nature.


Our Production

Our Production is in Tuscany, the heart of Italy, embodying the fundamental Italian values: pursuit of beauty in art and craftsmanship. In this region, the finest leather is produced and artisan work is a time-honored tradition.
Our footwear factories have a unique heritage and a shoemaking tradition that has been passed from generation to generation for more than sixty years.
All of our footwear and bags are hand crafted with inimitable quality; constructed individually with careful attention to detail. It takes some two hundred operations and up to 9 artisans to complete your order from the selection of leather to the moment your product is carefully wrapped and placed in its box and sent to you for your enjoyment.

Made with intention

All designs are made on custom forms and produced with the finest Italian leathers using the finest technology to optimize comfort and functionality. Our leathers are prepared by Italian tanneries according to the millennia-old tradition of natural liming and dying. We use vegetable-tanned leathers. the non dyed through coloration offers beautiful patina effects and lasting quality soft leathers.