2021 was a year of adjustments for the new years, setting the basis for better future perspectives than in previous years. In 2022 Aries will be protagonist during part of this year with Jupiter entering into it, which will give back things that were taken away before. An important goal is to achieve stability from a professional point of view. Opportunities are going to arise on several occasions and choosing between them does not seem easy if it's about reaching long-term goals: here Saturn comes into action and helps make rational assessments based on concrete grounds as well as good opportunities coming through as Jupiter enters Aries (from May until October) then returning in December; an ally who speaks about positive prospects at work and even greater horizons elsewhere too.

The challenging and demanding period of love starts in January, when Venus is in Capricorn, until the end of March. Jupiter brings news with its optimism-which is definitely needed at this time-and Saturn's precious support during these months. Those who are single should expect an interesting year full of opportunities that might lead to a stable relationship! The magical seasons for finding love are from May to October, as well as mid-August.

In 2022, there will be a lot of change and the need to take difficult challenges. When Saturn and Uranus are in quadrature from January to March, you can expect some turbulence at work. What should you do? Focus on the situation with confidence but keep it rational! Jupiter's presence all year round makes everything less stressful; creativity is focused at its center and offers new professional opportunities and collaborations while giving more trust in your ability for planning a future with broader views.

The presence of Uranus in love speaks to change and transformation. This will be the most prevalent through the first two decades, but all signs will feel this powerful energy. Jupiter, Neptune and Pluto speak to revolution that is lived with a drive for creative solutions-looking towards the future with new eyes. The magical seasons of love are January, February, April May August September December.

The New Year is promising, with many favourable aspects suggesting new opportunities and changes. However there are some pitfalls to overcome, though in a much softer way than the previous years. Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces create a climate of confusion and haze in the professional sector; however Saturn helps maintain rationality by ensuring you stay grounded with your feet on the ground for this year. The great news is that from May to October Jupiter will transit Aries giving extraordinary turning points as well as positive change that can happen harmoniously alongside one's characteristic mobility!.

And there's one more thing! From August Mars arrives in the sign to stay until March 2023: new energies see you as protagonists in facing every aspect of life with grit and determination. In love, the climate is totally unpredictable, couples have overcome obstacles from the past and look towards new horizons where fantastic dreams suggested by Jupiter and Neptune remain such given a more realistic presence from Saturn. In single people's lives, events are constantly happening- intense emotions that come hand-in-hand with passion or enthusiasm will be difficult to balance a context that is rapidly changing. However it remains natural for this sign to experience contrasting feelings which means they'll feel at ease throughout these magical seasons of love: March, mid April May all summer long.

In 2021, we were faced with many emotions as well as changes and adjustments. In 2022, the spotlight is on you to make a difference in your life by seizing new opportunities that come your way. The energies of Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces will enhance creativity, making it possible for you to think about moving somewhere else- even going abroad! With Uranus’ influence everything is mobile and unpredictable which makes us explorers.

When Uranus and Jupiter are in favour of each other, the possibilities for new ideas increase dramatically. With Venus and Pluto opposed in love, revision is needed to find a solution together with your partner. Pluto works deep below as if it were some sort of psychologist that helps highlight what needs to be changed so you can start an entirely new life! For single people who have greater autonomy when making their choices without necessarily having to adapt or listen all that much will want more passionate relationships which are supported by the trine between Uranus and Venus. February, early March, July through August December are magical months for love!

Jupiter is bringing in some fresh air, which means a challenging period that has lasted for years is definitively over. We are moving towards our future with patience and persistence, one step at the time. A professional will be able to see many opportunities in 2022: career advancements and expansion of business if it comes to self-employed jobs. The only recommendation would be to act wisely when they come about this time frame because Saturn and Uranus are still dissonant until November 2023 . One must trust themselves prudently..... There won't be any risky operations happening during this year but 2020 will give you plenty of opportunities so take your chance when it shows up! Jupiter's influence from May - October 2021 will continue through December 2022 before all together coming back in mid-May 2023 Jupiter's positive influences last until 2024 where there many chances just waiting for someone brave enough too grasp them.

January brings with it new beginnings and a lot of passion. It is time to go out into the world and experience new things, but this will not be all positive. Saturn in opposition asks for clarity on what does not work within your relationship; if agreements are reached, another stage begins (of love). If there has been a crisis going on for some time without conditions or agreement to continue- the relationships ends permanently during these magical seasons: January, May(at Beltane), June(at Litha), July (in Wiccan Alesha) and August.

The stars speak of changes over the course of this new year. With twists and turns, as well as big opportunities to consider, it looks like we'll be coming across lots of occasions and chances to take. We had plenty last year with Uranus and Pluto in favour- they spoke about a sign that has not yet reached full stop but is evolving by experimenting with new paths and creative forms for some people there may also be a transfer elsewhere towards new experiences. Jupiter in opposition speaks good news into your professional sector: It will consolidate what you've already achieved with great commitment.

If you fall in love with someone with Venus in Capricorn, you will feel protected and secure. You might also want to start new projects from January onwards: it is a good time for some people who have been waiting to crown their long-awaited dreams. For everyone this year is eventful – there are many opportunities thanks to the energies of Uranus and Pluto that we can get involved with heated stories involving people who may be very different from our usual friends and acquaintances. This opens up your horizons by giving us access through new experiences.

In 2021, Libra had to adjust. In 2022, it is expected for them to be able to overcome the last obstacles and abandon their comfort zone by exposing themselves-projects that are ambitious and extraordinary will happen! Mars alternating phases and Saturn permanently give Libra grit and determination in any situation they may come across. Jupiter's opposition from May highlights any agreement or contract that needs reviewing while bringing new ones along at the same time. Venus' presence in Capricorn brings maturity into love affairs with other signs of the zodiac; this growth is visible throughout every aspect of relationships with one another.

Couples often need to do more work on their relationship than singles. The climate for singles is more serious thanks to Saturn, and they will have many opportunities thanks to Mars and Venus throughout the year: excellent if you want socializing, meeting friends or making new acquaintances! January, May, August and September are all magical seasons of love.

Amazing changes are in store for the sign, between indecision and resistance. Uranus will shake up existences when it arrives. We know that Scorpio's best is when there are changes to be done, which means it will transform and regenerate with ease once more. For two years there has been an air of change with Uranus in opposition-- some have already faced this passage while others grapple with choices made both in professional or personal sector; Indeed, Uranus often arrives to upset balance by showing new directions to take. Jupiter favors important changes even if they may not be easy since the previous path you took seems unstable at this moment: elasticity is key word for 2022.

The magical seasons of love are January, March, June and November. With Jupiter in Pisces and Neptune in Pisces you'll experience intense emotions; the defenses will be abandoned to give space for your needs without constraints or fears. This can lead to excellent harmony with your partner! Single people this year may feel an "impossible" attraction that is not just a short adventure but true love!

A good dose of rationality and concreteness is undoubtedly what will make you hit the targets without letting yourself be taken in by distractions. Saturn, a member of Aquarius, will now enter those days where you're going to need it. From May onward Jupiter enters Aries which starts new projects and professional growth as well as doing your best with investing a lot starting from the first few months all the way through springtime for results to show up. With Neptune in Pisces spending becomes foggy- this means that expenditures should not be made hastily or on promises of easy earnings with no real evidence backing them up just yet!

If you are in love this year, Mars is in the sign. Couples have their conversations revolving around planning for any upcoming event or trip they may take together. Saturn being well positioned compared to Mars encourages implementing ideas and projects that have been on your mind for some time now. Singles can expect a variety of new opportunities coming towards them! You just need to keep grounded with Jupiter and Neptune residing over Pisces.(This section is unclear) The best months to fall head over heels: May, June, August and September.

The year 2022 can be considered a time of rebirth. After days and nights of reconstruction, we start again in January on the professional sector. Given that it is such an important sector for us to succeed, we will complete important objectives and evaluate new paths to take with Venus and Mars at the end of the month. Jupiter’s transit through Pisces stimulates creativity while Neptune in Pisces makes communication more empathic: this combination will become a turning point on our work field! In love, there never has been so much gold before.

Uranus pushes for a change in the relationship, which Venus in Capricorn wishes to be more concrete and stable. These two concepts might seem contradictory at first, but they can give hints towards a less rigid form of relationship that is important to the couple. For singles who are not looking for love or have no idea what would make them happy, there's plenty going on up above! There's an opportunity to meet someone new as well as venture into unknown territory: Jupiter, Uranus Neptune and Pluto will amaze with their various landscapes-the possibilities offered range from one extreme to another. Output: January February April July August.

In order to start new projects for the year, Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus support will be helpful. With Jupiter passing into the economic sector it is possible to start working with more income possibilities. In addition, there is a positive input from this planet that indicates growth in terms of economy; work begins to flourish at this point which finally allows you think about starting something new if needed. Saturn’s correspondence with Jupiter brings courage when launching into a different path as well as taking creative skills present in your personality account: now it's time make those hidden dreams come true thanks to greater awareness and determination! In love, Mars starts off well by being located in Sagittarius where enthusiasm and energy give way towards searching for options within relationships which seem central during these times.

Uranus is to be expected with couples who are unstable. For singles, the astrological sky will be great for those looking for new experiences and open up to destiny. The priorities, however, should focus on work if there has been a closure following a separation. Everything depends on one's personal experience in that matter.

New beginnings are what the new year offers, making dreams come alive all while paying attention to some challenges. Since the beginning of the year, several opportunities have risen for people and it is a matter of choosing precisely: here comes sudden opportunity-grab it quickly because in spite of Mars's influence at the end of this month there might be no more chance to take advantage. Doing your best under any circumstances is always helpful when dealing with things that can cause havoc even in our family lives during certain months, so being flexible is key!

This year, in addition to bringing significant changes, will definitively close chapters of the past years. It projects you towards fulfilment for personal growth. In love there is anything possible if you want to invest yourself in a relationship with someone who's right for you - it's finally time! Mars in Sagittarius can create insecurity but Pluto and Uranus won't allow any change of course on your destiny when single again: just fall deeply and madly into love this year (and Jupiter and Neptune are making that entirely possible).