Aries, we are coming to the end of 2018 with a positive balance. There are excellent conditions for 2022 to be full of news if you work on developing your plans as soon as possible. Jupiter's arrival in Pisces kicks off a period of preparation which will require an assessment of goals and obtaining them throughout the second half next year. Love is being revised - Venus' entry into Capricorn questions relationships that need some attention or reassessment- perhaps it is time for someone who has just begun their romance to step back? It certainly isn't time for things that have only just started up!

The Nine of Wands Tarot Card means there are many energies circulating right now and concrete possibilities to start something enterprising but it requires making appropriate assessments first.

This year will end in a great way, with changes starting to happen since the beginning of the year. The 2022 is ahead and it looks like there are good prospects for this upcoming new month. But let's focus on December because Jupiter is back in favor which means that people can start achieving goals or projects right now-some by exploring new ways or territories as suggested by Mercury!

In love, everything gets back on track thanks to Venus who moves into Capricorn because stability between couples can be achieved. It could also lead to concrete foundations being laid down for relationships so all should turn out well!

It's a year of challenges ahead! Mercury will be in opposition until December 13th so some obstacles are expected. You can expect challenges with work, an agreement or contract to be reviewed, or needing to find new forms of collaboration. Jupiter has been in opposition since the end when speaking about instability within the professional sector but also offers new opportunities if properly evaluated that could give superb surprises and return what was lost before.

In love, Venus is in Capricorn along with Pluto- no room for ambiguous situations or undefined relationships: it’s time for definitive choices for those who live double lives; if couples are stable there is nothing to worry about.

Jupiter entering Pisces at the end of December is a significant moment that will influence our life. In addition to creating opportunities, it has eliminated last obstacles and seems promising for those who take advantage of this situation. The opposition from Mercury may lead us to question one's job position or launch into new projects with Jupiter in favour which could be right move if we want turn a page.

Venus' opposition may bring uncertainty and nervousness especially when there are issues to resolve; these period stimulates us too but can also give positive changes if we welcome them as phases of change.

The sky is excellent this December, certain conflicts or delays are finally resolved. The Sun and Mercury in favor give greater positivity and fighting spirit. Mars from the 14th in Sagittarius sends positive messages: here come long-awaited answers! This especially applies to work where something is moving forward at last, so it's important to be ready for opportunities that arise spontaneously if you want them.

In love it's possible to recover what was left pending; Jupiter leaves the opposition for good implying living relationships with more peace of mind above all starting looking ahead with more confidence and thinking about concrete plans together as a couple.

A wonderful December ahead, a month of new projects and professional growth; an important phase that closes a decidedly constructive year, a long running-in period where greater confidence has been acquired. It is time to take one step further in the right direction by giving more visibility to your profession and talents.

For some it is time to expand their business with what they have available; for others this is the perfect moment for starting something new in love: Venus in Capricorn and Mercury from the 14th speak of love stories coming true according to our desires! This means someone begins living together with someone else while other people manage getting rid of old situations or find themselves able start anew thanks only to wishes as if everything magically comes together perfectly.

The end of the year is positive- confirming that many projects have been successful. Some collaborations continue, or are confirmed again this month with Mercury in the house of communication. There's also an economic sector that's positively solicited, so much as to think about making an investment soon.

With Venus in Capricorn love is confronting and revising practical problems may arise over choices not consensually agreed upon like a change of home or work place for example if you're solid together then solutions will be found!

With Jupiter in Pisces, we forecast new beginnings and excellent opportunities. For some of us, a new work experience has already begun on these days- the new assignment is taking off.

With others reluctantly closing their chapter but with no regrets for what that past brought them- they find themselves looking to the future now as possibilities open up thanks to Mars' transit until November 13th; an understanding grows between two people who may not have been able to understand one another before due to Venus’ help (in Virgo).

With the sun, mercury and mars in the sign, we start with excellent energy. It is not easy to adapt to situations where freedom of expression is lacking- especially for a person of your sign. However it will be possible in these months to combine dreams and practical needs just by looking around and stepping forward.

In love there is an increased need for stability with venus in capricorn speaking about concreteness; relationship wise this time has come for some important choices - even when it comes down new acquaintances there's a tendency towards continuity or more closeness!

2021 comes to a close with a bang. And the surprises are not over yet, we can say loudly that everything that has been achieved is thanks to great commitment and it's time to enjoy what you've accomplished. With the Sun and Mercury in this sign there may be new assignments or calls coming last minute; just remember they're only temporary so fit your commitments accordingly so you can get things done on time!

Venus in this sign for over four months will talk about love with no hesitation--starting off by talking about two-person projects, dreams finally coming true, and greater awareness of who exactly it is you want.

As you begin to take a step back and assess what is going on around you, now is the time for being more assertive in your economic life. And with Jupiter entering Pisces from the 8th, things will be looking up economically as well as romantically.

In love there are projects that don't want to reveal themselves at this moment – everything's about to come alive: a new home, marriage or even an arrival of a child; we live all these events with greater harmony and need for security (certainties).

Jupiter’s arrival is a time for all kinds of new success. If you have been working hard and sowing well, the harvest will be fruitful with many satisfactions. People who have launched into a new professional project will soon see it take off and if they are closing one cycle in their life, contacts to start another professional experience come along: some excellent promotions or long dreamed-of transfers may happen.

In love there is general agreement about what to do next - Jupiter in an excellent position on Venus spawns concrete projects which arrive suddenly after this period of indecision so that any doubts can be swept away while everyone has plenty going on with exploring new adventures while at the same time experiencing love more enthusiastically and self-confidently than before!